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JW Leary Junior High School
84 Nightengale Avenue
Massena, NY 13662
Phone:  (315) 764-3720
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+ Alan Oliver, Principal
+ Julie Block, Secretary
+ Rick Norris, Dean of Students
+ School Nurse, Judy Gilman
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JW Leary Junior High News & Notes 1/17/17

December 2016 Students of the Month

Each month 3 students (1 7th and 2 8th grade) are selected as students of the month. These students are selected and agreed upon by the entire JW Leary through a rigorous nomination and review process. Students who are selected must demonstrate the following criteria:

Scholarship: Scholarship is demonstrated by a student's willingness to learn. Scholarship means always doing the best work possible and being committed to putting in the time needed to achieve to his/her potential.

Leadership: Leaders take the initiative to be involved in the school community as well as the local community. They can be characterized also as a student who helps others in their daily activities without motivation for reward.

Character: Character is doing one’s best to make the right choices. “Students with good character demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship in their actions.”

The winners for December 2016 are:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/snN2vn73xOfKAietQ2ev2IUajF9Q_ANaqrqMA0Gh5iIuu3XGiI8Km2pwA2nVtgKXzokql4WUKqFuEzxV85SHPrBZLakxTHGYVrMu31oj8Mu7t12DlfjskiALpdJ4-cVpLmb2xQH9kAo Dakota Allen

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/T7RNjNKACLlumUBynAVkq8_1ykMRxyDWUZdGXqwLupYnhpKMcMAcpFeY5D4IW07LC2PpuCxl0PhustgMtCA-NXLG6FuHWUxyZAkwf4y4_Kvikf6fEAd0Hg0LbgAaGrXmzQC0mXwS0FI Andralyn Coleman

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/sfIOhSNYQmuQMA89gJE8pWfJDEPTWW1aj_loOoCZs3AtKFxwtsyj42u5iW4pYcQ0KVzPK8jVzpsbN9bQk985-L6mUctMw4Jh6CfyeNx4yPscGjrlCBpM82Yg0OvBQZSj9bu39yHj-DM Cody Lawrence

Image result for NYS Testing

Looking Ahead to NYS Testing this year

NYS Testing lies ahead of us as winter transitions into Spring. In order to help with you planning for the Spring the dates for NYS Testing which impacts Junior High students are as follows:

Grades 7 and 8 ELA Exam is March 28, 29 and 30

Grade 7 and 8 Math Exam is May 2,3 and 4

Grade 8 Science Performance Exam is to be determined between May 24 and June 2 (It will be one day only during this testing window)

Grade 8 Science Written Exam is June 5

While it may be early to be thinking about this, in reality March is not that far away. We will be sharing more information as test time approaches about the importance of the examinations and how we utilize the results to strengthen our programs. For now, it is sufficient for you to know that it is our goal that every JW Leary student takes the exams and to gives us their best effort.

If you have any questions or concerns about the exams, please contact the school. We are more than willing to talk to any of our parents about the exams and provide you any information we can.

Image result for RTI

RTI/ AIS Update

Coming up at the end of the month will be our second round of Data Meetings. These meetings are designed to examine the performance of all students in Math and ELA every 10 weeks. At these meetings we discuss the academic performance of every JWL student in class and well as their performance on classroom tests. We also have access to the results of our Mid-Year STAR benchmark and we look at all of these multiple measures to determine the academic needs of our students.

Based upon this information, students are able to access our different tiers of intervention. Students may receive no additional support; they may have a Math or ELA Lab or they could be assigned to an every other day class with a reading or math intervention specialist. This program helps us to respond quickly to the individual academic needs of all of our students,

The Tiers are as follows:

Tier I- No extra support needed

Tier I (monitor)- Some support needed, extra attention given by classroom teacher where appropriate

Tier II- Additional support is given in the context of a Math/ELA lab with teachers. The students are usually working on 2 specific goals to help them improve their performance

Tier III- Students have and additional reading or math class every other day with a dedicated reading or math interventionist.

Image result for strategic planning

Strategic Planning work continues at JW Leary

We are working hard on implementing the vision created by the district in our Strategic Plan. Much of our effort this year at JW Leary has been aimed at improving our student attendance. Student attendance is a problem at JW Leary and many of our students are chronically absent (missing 10% or more of school days).

Starting in the 3rd Quarter we will be piloting some new initiatives in regards to attendance. Strict cut-offs have been established and certain things will happen as students hit these numbers of days absent in any given quarter:

3 Absences- A letter will automatically be sent to student’s families speaking to them about the importance of regular school attendance.

4 Absences- We will contact you to discuss your child’s attendance to reiterate its importance and work with you to remove any obstacles to regular attendance

5 Absences- Students will be placed on an attendance improvement plan which will be regularly monitored by the Principal

No distinction will be made between excused and unexcused absences. Whenever as student misses time at school it places them behind and creates some level of disruption. Please make sure you are communicating with the school when your child is going to miss school. Our educational community can only thrive when all of our students are in regular attendance.


Attendance Rewards (December 2016)

Prior to the Holiday Break several students were randomly selected to be acknowledged for their perfect attendance in the month of December. Students were publically recognized in their classes and given gift cards to Stewarts in recognition of their commitment (and their families) to their education. The students whom were recognized from all of the students with perfect attendance were:

Aiden Kepper Aliyah Bullock

Lydia Perrine Devin Stone


85 + Club Sees Star Wars: Rouge One

With the generous support of the JW Leary PTO, members of the JW Leary 85+ Club were rewarded with a school day trip to see Star Wars: Rouge One. These students have demonstrated their commitment to their education and excel in their studies. For their hard work they were allowed an afternoon out of school to see a movie with their friends. At JW Leary we are committed to getting everyone’s best effort and recognizing exceptional effort when it’s given. We are also committed to having a bit of fun occasionally. Good Job All.

Out next 85+ trip will be to Titus Mountain.

Important Upcoming Dates @ JW Leary


No School, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday


JWL PTO, 6pm


BOE Meeting, 6:30pm @ HS


Early Dismissal, Staff Development


End of 2nd Marking Period

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